SOLDER is a dedicated hardware and maker space at Perth's largest innovation space, FLUX. This space is designed to create new electronic and mechanical products to solve problems facing industry, society and the environment.

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Australia, and Western Australia in particular has a unique opportunity to develop products to address the special needs of the resources, agricultural, environmental and supporting industries, and for construction, transportation and environmental businesses.

An economy in transition needs new ideas and innovations. SOLDER provides the opportunity to dramatically accelerate the process from idea to innovation to commercialisation. The physical space, tools, equipment, mentoring, collaboration opportunities, knowledge and access to entrepreneurs will create the supportive environment needed to turn good ideas into great products. 


As a founding sponsor of SOLDER your organisation:

More Than Just a Logo

Supports the local economy and startup environment:
The Perth Startup Community is moving forward rapidly and by supporting Spacecubed and its community of entrepreneurs and innovators you will become a major part of the local economy and the startup scene.

Demonstrates involvement in your local community:
By supporting people who are coming up with these new ideas: innovators, entrepreneurs and small business owners you demonstrate your engagement for the future.

Are part of something big:
There are huge opportunities for growth and building new industries over the next 40 years. Positioning and enabling this growth is our role and a key way to build resilience into local economies and diversify wealth generation.



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SOLDER is a joint initiative from Spacecubed Innovation and Atamo Electronic Product Solutions

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